Vantage Negotiations

Angry at your Mortgage Company?

Stressed at the Insanity?

Rifle in hand and climbing the tower?

STOP! Let Vantage Negotiations help!

Vantage Negotiations is a Customer Driven Loss Mitigation Company Virtually located in Ashburn VA. We specialize in Loan Modifications, Short Sales, and keeping our clients out of Foreclosure sale!

Loan Modification: With a loan modification, the lender will agree to modify terms, rate, unpaid balance amount or a combination of all, depending on the individual circumstances. With the current economy, thousands of modifications are being performed on ARM loans, Interest only or high interest fixed loans. Let Vantage Negotiations help you get approved for Loan Modification.

Short Sale: A short sale is an agreement with a lender allowing for the sale of a property to a third party for less than the amount owed on the mortgage. Under this agreement, the lender accepts less than the amount owed and releases the borrower from the mortgage.
Vantage Negotiations helps get your house sold with the least amount of harm to you.